Why become a Member?

The First United Methodist Church of Clermont is a part of the United Methodist Conference formed on the Biblical teachings of John Wesley. As a unified Church our mission is to “Make Disciples of Jesus Christ for the Transformation of the World”. This is who we are.


In Acts 2:41-47 we see how the early church banded together as a Christ-centered community from the very beginning. They gathered regularly to serve and spread Jesus’ message of hope. They grew in grace, maturity, and numbers. Everything they had they shared in common. Make no mistake about it, as a community committed to Christ and His mission, they were FULLY DEVOTED.


For over a century First United Methodist Church of Clermont has responded to God’s calling to drive a stake in the ground to redeem people and restore this world through the power of Jesus Christ. We have continuously challenged one another to live out the values and ministry evidenced in the early church as described in Acts chapter 2. When we surrender our lives to Christ, He immediately brings us into God’s family. When we choose to join together as a local church, we declare our commitment to Christ as active participants in His mission through this community.

What it means to BECOMe A MEMBER

Interested in our"Membership Matters" New Members Class?  Call 352-394-2412 or email the office c.gierman@fumc-clermont.org to register.


membership matters


A six-part devotional study is provided for you as part of FUMC Clermont to become a fully devoted follower of Christ. Additionally, by searching God’s Word and your heart, our desire is for you to discover how Christ is calling you to participate in His vision for the FUMC family.


This six-part study also serves as a commitment guide for anyone who wants to become a member of FUMC Clermont. During this experience you’ll spend time reading and reflecting on God’s Word and what it means to be fully committed to Christ through this Church. During the membership process, you’ll also receive additional teaching about the commitments in this guide and the role of FUMC participating members.



At the end of each study there is a specific Statement of Commitment to affirm. We’ve also included a section called Membership Sticking Points and Next Steps to support you in your walk with Christ and your decision to commit to the FUMC family. Our desire is to provide you with avenues of accountability, so that with full integrity you may live out your commitment to Christ and this community. If you discover barriers to becoming a participating member, the next steps are there to guide you in the right direction. If you decide not to become a member at this time, know that we are excited that God has called you here for this season of your spiritual journey, and we are willing and available to walk alongside you. Page 17 of the guide is the Statement of Commitment each of us makes as a participating member of FUMC. After completing the six-week study and addressing any Membership Sticking Points, please return it to our Director of Discipleship.


We celebrate with you as you take time to explore your commitment to Christ as part of this body of believers called First United Methodist Church of Clermont.


Call 352-394-2412 or email the office c.gierman@fumc-clermont.org to register for our New Members Class.