SPring calendar 2021

Check out our upcoming Retreats and Sunday Youth Events:

3/28 - Daytreat #2

4/4 - Easter Sunday (No Youth)

4/11 - Meme Night Theme Night

4/18 - PJ's and Pancakes Night

4/25 - 80 or 80s Theme Night

5/1 - Daytreat #3

5/9 - Mother's Day (No Youth)

5/16 - 5th Grade Welcome Night

5/25 - Senior Sunday

Seventh street student ministries


On behalf of Seventh Street Student Ministries, welcome!

We are a weekly gathering of Middle and High School students, and we'll resume meeting on Sunday Evenings from 5:00 - 7:00pm in the Youth Room at a future date to be determined. We currently meet Sunday Evenings from 5pm to 7pm in the field across the street from the youth room.

Each week when we gather you can expect a few things to take place. 

  1. We enjoy God's Word. Each week our Youth Director opens God's Word and helps our student connect with the message of the Bible in a age appropriate and culturally relevant way.
  2. We Welcome Everyone! If you're new to church or just new to our church, there is no one who is excluded, as all students are welcome to join and have a good time!
  3. We like, no we love to have fun and play games. Sometimes they are light hearted, sometimes the are messy, but they're always entertaining. 
  4. We enjoy some awesome music. Our student led band helps us Worship each week by playing worship that help us connect with God! 
  5. We enjoy activities. Throughout the year our students engage in service projects, mission trips, fun retreats, camps, etc. All these events are designed to help our youth get to know each other and grow in their relationship with God.

We hope that if you have a Middle or High School student, or you are one, you'd join us for a night at Seventh Street Student Ministries!

If you have any Questions:

Please contact our Director of Student Ministry, Mack Maccagnano at Mack@Fumc-Clermont.org.


PASSION CAMP -  Signs up happening now!


Passion Camp is centered around the glory of Jesus. Thousands of middle and high school students gathered together for four days of worship, teaching, and community. Not to mention, four fun days on the shores of Daytona Beach! 


We want our love for Jesus to be obvious. We sing it loud. Throughout the week, campers will be led by Passion and other special guests.


Students come alive when they realize that the greatest life is one that’s leveraged for the fame of Jesus. Louie Giglio, Brad Jones, and others will both encourage and challenge all campers to live for what matters most. 


What fun is summer camp without some competition? Every student at Passion Camp will be a part of the high-energy, fast-action Squad Wars that take place each morning. Only one Squad will prevail!


Every day of Passion Camp dedicates time for your group to meet and grow together. Everyone benefits when they have the opportunity to process, share, and ask questions. 


*Medical Release Form for trips Click HERE.

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