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Vision Statement 

Connecting Kids to Christ


Mission Statement 

We strive to connect kids to Christ by providing a safe and fun environment where they can develop and understand their faith, connect with other believers, and put their faith into action.

Connecting Kids to Christ

(for children 0-5th grade)

We “Think Orange”  by partnering with parents to disciple all of our children. We believe that two combined influences have a greater impact than either influence could alone.  That’s why our church loves the color Orange.  When we combine the light (yellow) of the church (us!) with the heart (red) of the family (you!), we get a stronger, more vibrant color.


  • See God for who He is
  • See themselves the way God does
  • Love others the way God does

Sundays at FUMC Kids

We LOVE Sundays at FUMC Kids! Each of our services begins with an energetic large group experience that will captivate your child’s attention and teach them more about God and His Word – the Bible! Following large group, kids shift into small group environments designed to connect them to Christ and others through age-specific games, activities, prayer, and discussions. All are invited to join us at 9:30, 11:00, or 11:11 AM. We look forward to seeing you!   

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lift kids ministry

L.I.F.T Kids

“Leading in Faith and Truth”


We love watching our kids become all that God has created them to be! They are not our future leaders; they are leaders now! Here at FUMC Kids, we strive to help kids discover, develop and use their God given gifts to bless others. Each week, 3rd-5th grade LIFT Kids leaders serve their peers in every area of ministry. They are also partnered with adult and youth mentors who help them to develop their leadership gifts. If your kids are interested in joining LIFT Kids, or you would like to know more information, please contact Natalie at childrensministry@fumc-clermont.org.


Children's Choir Launch - POSTPONED - TBD

We love inspiring kids to use their gifts to praise God and serve others through Children's Choir! With each meeting, our dedicated leaders are helping kids to learn the how, and why, we sing about Jesus. Then, when kids put God's Word to song, they learn Scripture in memorable ways and share that Good News with others! 

Our Choir meets seasonally and performs during the various services! We would love to have you join us!

Our preschool choir – Joyful Noise – is open to all preschoolers ages 3-5.

Our elementary choir – Hallelujah Singers – is open to all kids in K-5th grade.

To sign up CLICK HERE

Children’s Choir will meet Sunday evenings from 5:00-6:30 PM - Be on the lookout for upcoming dates and sign-ups! Hope to see you there! For more information email childrensministry@fumc-clermont.org.


We have been reminded over the past several months just how important it is to believe that God has a plan for me. Our world has changed. Everything we had planned changed. Hurt, disappointment, fear, loss, sickness… all of it has left us wondering, what will happen next? And, while we won’t ever truly know what will happen next in any given situation, God does, because God has a plan for you, and God has a plan for me.


This month, we are going to use the super sweet theme of Ice Cream Sundae, along with the life of Joseph, to teach preschoolers that God has a plan for them. When we put all of the parts of Joseph’s story together—just as with an ice cream sundae—it gives us a sweet reminder that we can trust that God has a plan for me, and it is always best. We just have to wait until God is done putting all of the parts together.


Our hope this month is that preschoolers will begin to understand that God loves them, and He has a plan for them—a plan they can trust is always best, no matter what.


For more info contact Natalie at childrensministry@fumc-clermont.org



God View: The Connection Between Friendship and God’s Character, As Shown Through God’s Big Story –


Jesus showed us the greatest example of love when He laid down His life for His friends. With His words and actions, He showed friendship to everyone He met. We can reflect Jesus’ love best when we treat one another with friendship.

For more info contact Natalie at childrensministry@fumc-clermont.org



  • parent cue

    What is a Parent Cue?  It's a prompt.  It's a whisper in your ear: "Talk to your kid about this," or "Why not try this at dinner tonight?"  A nudge to talk about God, faith, life or to just have fun together.  

    Connect to God's story.

    Uncover something about life.

    Experience something together.

    Parent Cue provides several different ways for you to use key times in your day; like mealtime, driving in the car, bedtime or just when you’re hanging out, to remind your kids about what they’re learning and to share what they think.

    There’s even an Iphone/android app  called PARENT CUE that helps you wherever you are! You can also check out TheParentCue.org

"We are here with you thRough every stage" 


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