VBS 2018

  • vbs- AMPED

    June 4-8

    Calling all kids! We are AMPED for this year’s VACATION BIBLE SCHOOL (VBS)! If you are in Kindergarten-5th grade, you are invited to join us June 4th-8th for some ELECTRIFYING fun! We’re going to have an EXTREMELY awesome time learning about how God wants each of us to be OVERLOADED with CONFIDENCE. He wants us to live our lives FULLY ALIVE because we can believe that what He says is TRUE!

    Time: 9:00-11:45 AM (Check-in begins at 8:45)

    Suggestion Donation: $5 per child for supplies (check made payable to: FUMC)


FUMC children

Connecting Children to Christ

(for children 0-5th grade)

We “Think Orange” by working with the parents to disciple all of our children. We believe that two combined influences have a greater impact than either influence could alone.  That’s why our church loves the color Orange.  When we combine the light (yellow) of the church (us!) with the heart (red) of the family (you!), we get a stronger, more vibrant color.


  • See God for who He is
  • See themselves the way God does
  • Love others the way He does

Our Sunday mornings include a large group experiences that will captivate your child’s attention and teach them more about God and His story.  We also have small group environments where your child can connect with the same leader and the same children week to week. They’ll build friendships with people you trust. 

The large group is high energy with the purpose of engaging children to learn about Jesus Christ. The small group is led by a committed small group leader who builds a relationship with the children through games, prayer and conversation. 

"How do we squeeze every bit of the "Orange" concept for you and your family?" 

We like to engage kids to be active in their faith through a variety of ways you fill find below: 

  • Space Wars: monthly challenges the whole family can get involved in.
  • C.M. Socials: Quarterly, family events where the orange curriculum comes to life through hands on experiences.
  • The Big 4- Quarterly, church-wide community outreaches where families enjoy the seasonal events and help connect the community to Christ.
  • Coming soon- "Grand Gestures"
  • Quarterly opportunities for families to share the love of Jesus with a local nursing

For Safe Sanctuary Training Information please go HERE

elementary May preview

God wants what is best for us. He has called us His children, and given us great things. Because we know that God is good, WE CAN BE HONEST. Lying and cheating are a response to fear. But when you trust in God, when you know His love, you have a different response. You can be truthful.


PresChool May Preview

We see works of art every day that have a Maker and a plan. We pass them on the street, at work, and every Sunday they play around our feet. Are you thinking what I’m thinking? Yes, I’m talking about people!


People are God’s works of art.  He is our Maker. And, He has a plan for each of us. Every neighbor. Every preschooler. Every parent. God has a plan for all of us, because He made us and loves us.


  • parent cue

    What is a Parent Cue?  It's a prompt.  It's a whisper in your ear: "Talk to your kid about this," or "Why not try this at dinner tonight?"  A nudge to talk about God, faith, life or to just have fun together.  

    Connect to God's story.

    Uncover something about life.

    Experience something together.

    Parent Cue provides several different ways for you to use key times in your day; like mealtime, driving in the car, bedtime or just when you’re hanging out, to remind your kids about what they’re learning and to share what they think.

    There’s even an Iphone/android app  called PARENT CUE that helps you wherever you are! You can also check out TheParentCue.org

"We are here with you thRough every stage"