During your childhood or adolescence, can you recall somebody who supported you as you grew in your faith? Somebody who was always there for you and cared about what was happening in your life? For those who grow up in the Church, somebody like that often plays a tremendous role in their walk with Christ.

We believe every child needs somebody who knows their name and what’s happening in their life. Somebody who shows up predictably and consistently over time. Somebody who says and does the same things that a loving parent would. When we choose to be a somebody, we create an environment in which children and teenagers feel safe and significant, allowing them to flourish in their faith. When this happens nothing can compete.

We are looking for 20-30 individuals who will be a somebody in the life of a child throughout the coming 2018-2019 school year. We will be hosting various training events through the end of July to prepare you for this amazing journey. Who can you be a somebody to?

FUMC children

Connecting Children to Christ

(for children 0-5th grade)

We “Think Orange” by working with the parents to disciple all of our children. We believe that two combined influences have a greater impact than either influence could alone.  That’s why our church loves the color Orange.  When we combine the light (yellow) of the church (us!) with the heart (red) of the family (you!), we get a stronger, more vibrant color.


  • See God for who He is
  • See themselves the way God does
  • Love others the way He does

Our Sunday mornings include a large group experiences that will captivate your child’s attention and teach them more about God and His story.  We also have small group environments where your child can connect with the same leader and the same children week to week. They’ll build friendships with people you trust. 

The large group is high energy with the purpose of engaging children to learn about Jesus Christ. The small group is led by a committed small group leader who builds a relationship with the children through games, prayer and conversation. 

elementary August preview

PresChool August Preview


  • parent cue

    What is a Parent Cue?  It's a prompt.  It's a whisper in your ear: "Talk to your kid about this," or "Why not try this at dinner tonight?"  A nudge to talk about God, faith, life or to just have fun together.  

    Connect to God's story.

    Uncover something about life.

    Experience something together.

    Parent Cue provides several different ways for you to use key times in your day; like mealtime, driving in the car, bedtime or just when you’re hanging out, to remind your kids about what they’re learning and to share what they think.

    There’s even an Iphone/android app  called PARENT CUE that helps you wherever you are! You can also check out

"We are here with you thRough every stage"