1 Thessalonians 2: 8 so we cared for you. Because we loved you so much, we were delighted to share with you not only the gospel of God but our lives as well.

What is a life group?

A life group is a small group of people (typically 12 people or smaller) who gather regularly to encourage, support, and help each other to make sense of and grow in their faith together… basically “doing life together.”

What happens in a Life Group? A Life Group must encompass 3 things:

  • We Care

    Support and care for one another, sharing struggles, concerns, joys, and prayer with one another.

    If you would like a prayer shawl, baby blanket, or need any assistance from the We Care / pastoral team, please email: wecare@fumc-clermont.org.


  • WE Grow

    Using the Bible as the focus of reference to apply God’s will for your life through His written word & Biblical discussion with each other.

    We have a great free resource to our church family for bible study material called Right Now Media:


    To request a password for Right Now Media, contact: Pastor Chris Tabone at c.tabone@fumc-clermont.org.  

    For more information on additional growth resources, contact: Pastor Bill Delia at biblestudies@fumc-clermont.org.

  • We Serve

    Intentionally going out as Jesus did to care for and serve those outside your Life Group.

    Check out how you can serve with your Life Group HERE.

How do I start?

  • Start connecting with people you would like to share life with and exchange contact information.
  • Existing Small Group Leaders (who want to convert to Life Groups) PLUS anyone who wants to form a Life group. 

*If you have more questions on how to get connected to a Life Group please contact Pastor Dawn by email at D.Carter@Fumc-Clermont.orgOr Kay Senior at LifeGroups@Fumc-Clermont.org.

life group announcements

Check here for any announcements regarding Life Groups.  

(childcare available by emailing cm­childcare@fumc-clermont.org)                                                                                                                        

current (open) LIFE Groups


Single Mom’s Group                                                                                                      

  • Time/Place: Every Third Sunday from 5pm-6:30pm in Asbury House (church campus, 7thStreet)                                                   
  • How often?  Once per month                                                                                         
  • Contact:  Jen Abston,abston.jennie@gmail.com or Kathleen Hawthorne, kathyhawthorne44@yahoo.com  
  • Childcare available by reserving at cmchildcare@fumc-clermont.org

55 Plus Ladies Group                                                                                                        

  • Time/Place: Sunday Brunch at 12:30pm beginning October 21.                                                 
  • Place TBD                                                                                                                                         
  • How often?  Once per month                                                                                           
  • Contact:  Vicky Thomsen, email: heartlifter@outlook.com


Young Women of  God (A NEW United Methodist Women Circle, focus on children, youth, & women missions)

  • Time/Place: Sunday from 5pm-6:30pm in Wesley Center Café (church campus)                         
  • How often?  3rd Sunday each month                                                                                           
  • Contact:  Dorann Fryman, email: dorann@cfl.rr.com                                               
  • Childcare available by reserving at cmchildcare@fumc-clermont.org

Morning Joy (A United Methodist Women Circle, focus on children, youth, & women missions)                                                                

  • Time/Place: 3rd Wednesday at 9:30am in Agape House (church campus, 7thStreet)            
  • How often?  Once per month                                                                                             
  • Contact:  Pam Anders, email: lynnanders@cfl.rr.com

 Lunch Bunch (A United Methodist Women Circle, focus on children, youth, & women missions                                                  

  • Time/Place: 3rd Wednesday at 11:30am in Upper Room (church campus, 3rd floor, above sanctuary)   
  • How often?  Once per month                                                                                       
  • Contact: Barb Reed, email: rreed@hcontrol.com

Women’s Life Group (focused on fellowship and growing spiritually)      

  • Time/Place:  Various homes                                                               
  • How often?   Please email for most up to date information
  • Contact:  Jackie Howe, jhowe0623@gmail.com or Marguerite Overs, margueriteovers@gmail.com


Groveland Area - “Generational Growers”                                                 

  • Time/Place: Time: TBD, Groveland Airport Road                                                                     
  • How often? Once a month                                                                                                 
  • Contact: Harold or Rosemarie Newcomb, email: HN5844@gmail.com
  • Couples

27 North

  • Time/Place: date and time varies; meet at 5212 Chanticleer Drive, Leesburg, FL  34748
  • How often? Once a month
  • Contact: Karla Lee, email: VKLeemn@gmail.com
  • Adults

Kings Ridge - “55 Plus”

  • Time/Place:  Email for most up to date information
  • How often?  2x per month, 1st & 3rd Tuesdays
  • Contact: Sue and Lee Prestegard, lsprestegard@gmail.com
  • Current study:  Patience

Kings Ridge - “Mixed Group”

  • Time/Place: Monday Evenings, Kings Ridge Homes
  • How often? Twice per month
  • Contact:  Bill & Regina Delia, email: pastorbilldelia@gmail.com
  • "Godspeed" study

Kings Ridge - “Ladies Group”

  • Time/Place: Various homes
  • How often? Please email for most up to date information.
  • Contact:  Margie Kramer, margiek411@gmail.com

Trilogy - “Boomers”

  • Time/Place: Time: Mondays at 7pm, Various Homes
  • How often? Once every 3 weeks
  • Contact: Bob Payne, email: RPayne60@comcast.net
  • Couples

Royal Highlands Area Life Group

  • Time/Place: 7pm, Various Homes in the community of Royal Highlands
  • How often? 1st and 3rd Monday
  • Contact: Jan Broadhurst

Crane's View Lodge - Boomers PLUS (focus is Fellowship and morning devotion)


We Got It Life Group

  • Time/Place: 2pm, FUMC Upper Room
  • How often? 2nd Tuesdays
  • Contact: Ron Beaver, rbeaver731@cfl.us.com, 352-233-7450

Writing Life Group - focused on those who are interested in "writing

Parents of Adopted / Foster Children

A Group for Dads (who like to play board games)

Book Club

  • Time/Place: 3:30-5:00pm, The Upper Room
  • How Often? every 3rd Wednesday of the month  'Have A Little Faith' by Mitch Albom will be discussed at the first meeting on February 20th.  
  • Contact:  the church office with any questions.