Church-Wide Bible Study during Lent (March 3-April 21) 


The whole church will do “Grounded in Prayer” together which will coincide with sermon series beginning March 3rd You don’t know God until you talk to God. Prayer is a crucial way for us to experience God’s grace. Jesus used The Lord’s Prayer to teach all disciples about how to communicate with God. Christians also order their lives around their relationships with each other and these relationships are strengthened through personal and corporate prayer with God. The Lord’s Prayer is a template for how to bring our needs, concerns, and challenges to God, who cares for each of us. 


  • Step 1: Purchase the book, “Grounded in Prayer,” by Jim Cowart & Matthew Hartsfield, Jennifer Cowart & Jorge Acevedo, before March 3rd. Available on: cokesbury.com, christianbook.com, barnesandnoble.com, and amazon.com. The book combines a Participant and Leader Book and a DVD. The six video sessions are: 1: Your Holy Name 4: Forgive Us! 2: Our God’s Reign 5: Deliver Us! 3: Everything We Need 6: For God’s Glory
  • Step 2: Get in a Life Group or gather friends to join you! Note: A list of open Life Groups will be available after all services on Sunday, February 17
  • Step 3: Begin the week of March 3rd.